International business recovers with speed

Business is getting out of the grip of a pandemic. We are returning to the normal life here in the Washington DC. Video chats changed to face-to-face meetings, eating and drinking on the terraces of the restaurants. The fairs predicted to be held from September 2021.

Vaccinated people can already travel without restrictions within the United States. The number of international flights is increasing. Soon fully vaccinated people can arrive into the U.S. easier as information about vaccinations can be demonstrated through smartphone apps.

Facts in brief

It’s not only about a jet lag but trade culture and business standards.

Is it right time to call?

Yes, it is. The hectic business needs its urgent contacts. However, in the Nordic the things once agreed stay agreed until the next change. There is less need for checkups.

We emphasize how important it is to adopt the American way of double or triple securing mails and messages. Our entrepreneurs are service-minded and learning the new standards.

USA is in the Apex of technologies

Most of the world’s investment in research and development takes place in the United States. A quarter of all. By far the biggest number of international patents is registered here.

The most important innovation centers are located in the U.S. However, the innovation potential in the Nordic countries is amazing related to the size of population. Many Nordic innovators have come to U.S. to register their patents.

What makes the State most attractive?

The States of the USA can be compared to the independent countries of Europe, with their cultures, landscapes, laws, rules and resources. We encourage companies to selfishly choose and focus on one region, state, or city as a starting point and build their business from there.

It’s important to find an area that suits to the business. When landing in the U.S., one should not underestimate where it feels most home and which State guarantees the best conditions for the business owner.

Nordic roots are highly appreciated here

Reliable, efficient and hardworking people fit to the American market. Nordic immigrants have brought a lot of fresh ideas with them and made success here in the U.S. When you combine Nordic innovativeness with the efficiency of the American market, the recipe for success begins to be there.

Banking and public services in the USA

In the Nordic countries, all payments are made electronically. Everyone has a bank account and You have to go two three generations back to find some who has experience of paying with checks.

Most of the public services are booked or actualized in the Internet. Bank counters, credit building, paper forms and many formalities may come as a surprise. With proper assistance this confusion can be overcome.

These self-services could otherwise be business opportunities for someone. Combining automation and in person services might be the winning concept.

The Great Country of Entrepreneurs’

As you put your mill spinning, you see the sales figures to grow.

There is less regulation of business in the United States. Everybody has given a chance to win, thou competition is tough. You must not be too blue-eyed.

Entrepreneurs are highly ranked and no one need to hid his/her success.